January 14, 2016

Business English

Learn speak English business


Do you need to improve your business English?


Knowing English is important for many reasons, and being able to speak business English is one of them.


Globally, it has become important and common for non-native English speakers to study business English, with the aim of interacting with people and businesses in English-speaking countries, or with companies that use English as one of their working languages. In this environment, business English is required to join, communicate and compete in the international market. This is why good business English can no longer be underestimated.


We have years of business experience in the UK to draw from, including:


  • meetings and conferences
  • systems and enterprise resource planning (ERP) management – SAP, Oracle, JDA, etc.
  • end to end supply chain management
  • managing people
  • team supervision / management
  • conducting interviews
  • working in teams
  • conference calls
  • spreadsheets
  • contract negotiations and renewals
  • cost reduction
  • increasing availability
  • stock management
  • Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
  • system design and implementation
  • operations
  • supplier management
  • 3PL (freight-forwarder, warehouse & distribution partner) management
  • forecasting and replenishment
  • Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP)
  • etc., etc.


With 10 years of business experience in the UK we are confident that, whichever business topic you are interested in, we can definitely help you practice and improve whatever business area you’d like to discuss.

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